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Fire Team Fit Arm Blaster for Curl Assist, Bicep and Tricep Strengthener for use with Barbell and Dumbbell Workouts, Muscle Isolation for Strengthening Arms

Product Description

Fire Team Fit Arm Blaster BicepFire Team Fit Arm Blaster Bicep

Wow! Look at those Pythons! We’re surprised the zoo let those out. And you know what would make them EVEN BETTER? You said it- bicep curls for the girls. Isolate those biceps with a Fire Team Fit Arm Blaster and get:

Improved muscle hypertrophy
Better tone
Perfect form
Increased stabilization
Injury prevention

Use for barbell and dumbbell curls to achieve maximum time under tension for awesome bicep GAINZ. There is no better stability and isolation for your arms than an arm curler. And it’s easy to use:

Simply place the strap around your neck, with the neck pad positioned in the back and the arm support hanging just below your pectoral muscles.
Adjust the strap so that the arm cradles comfortably support your elbows and the backs of your upper arms.
Curl those biceps till your feel the BURN.
See the GAINZ!

Bicep CurlerBicep Curler

” A man is only as good as his tools” – Emmert Wolf

Arm BlasterArm Blaster

Comfort Neoprene Neck Cradle

This spongy material will keep your arm blaster in place without adding stress to your neck.

Arm BlasterArm Blaster

Perfectly Contoured Design

This curvy piece of metal will fit your body contours to help maximize form and isolate your biceps with minimal discomfort to the rest of your body.

Bicep IsolatorBicep Isolator

Padded Elbow Bed

With soft padding for your elbows, you can build up your biceps without chaffing or rubbing marks into the backs of your arms.

Build BicepsBuild Biceps

Easily Adjustable Neck Strap

Adjust the strap to our exact size with this clamp buckle. It won’t move or slip during your workout.

A small, Veteran-owned business.

Fire Team Fit is more than just fitness. Founded by a Marine Corps. Combat Veteran, Fire Team Fit shows support for Active Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders and all the proud men and women who serve their communities and their country. Being physically fit is an integral part of the success of those who serve, both during and after their service. Fire Team Fit gives back a portion of it’s profits to The Raider Project, a non-profit organization which helps combat veterans with smooth and peaceful transitions back into the private sector. Supporting Fire Team Fit means you are supporting veterans too.

BUILD MASSIVE BICEPS: Minimize injury and maximize results by utilizing proper lifting techniques all while stimulating muscle hypertrophy. Including the arm blaster during your strength training will help increase blood flow to the bicep and tricep region.
PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD: Keep tension on your biceps and triceps, without utilizing momentum for the lift. This increased tension helps build muscle mass and strength by way of progressive overload.
LOCK IN GOOD FORM: Maintaining correct form, not only minimizes sports-related injuries, it promotes muscle memory to help ensure you can continue to lift correctly long-term.
BICEP ISOLATION: Using the curl assist locks your elbows into place, and allows you to isolate the biceps during the curl with barbells or dumbbells.
LIFETIME WARRANTY: We are so confident in our equipment that if it ever breaks or becomes unsafe to use, we will replace it for free. No questions asked.

Price: $29.99
(as of Dec 04,2020 12:12:11 UTC – Details)

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