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What to Cook for Blood Type O: Accelerate Weight Loss While Gaining Optimum Nutrition and Wellness

What to Cook for Blood Type O is a cookbook with information on how to have successful recipes, while baking and cooking all the wonderful foods that are beneficial to blood type O. The cookbook contains charts regarding what to eat and not to eat, how to substitute for those ingredients that should be avoided, measurement and equivalents, and a grocery list to help you prepare the trip to the market in search of your new pantry foods.

Why not try this concept of cooking for your blood type?

It is presumed that the original blood type was O, and that meat was the primary source of protein. But, because of migration to different regions where meat was scarce or not available, man had to adjust his diet in order to survive. Through adaptation, the development of the other three blood types emerged. Type A was the first to adapt to a vegetarian diet and when new food sources became available, man adapted again to the supply resulting in the B and AB blood types….

Due to these adaptations each blood type has different characteristics that allow it to, digest and assimilate food best for that group. In order to be healthy, each of us should eat a diet that is compatible with our particular blood type….

Proper diet, according to blood type, coupled with exercise, enables your immune system to be its strongest. A strong immune system can make the difference between a longer or shorter life span. It has been found that given the right diet, each blood type can extend life expectancy up to twenty years….

Since the ancestors of Type O were hunters, genetically the descendants tend to be larger and stronger, because if you were weak or small, you would not survive or procreate. It is not surprising than that most professional athletes and bodybuilders are blood type O, as are most American Indians and Eskimos….

Os tend to gain weight easily in today’s society, because of the fast foods and hype on carbohydrate diets. The leading factor in weight gain for Os is the gluten found in wheat germ and whole wheat products. The gluten lectins inhibit your insulin metabolism, interfering with the efficient use of calories for energy. It clogs up the system instead of fueling it like it does in other blood types….

If you have a member in the family with another blood type, the other blood type cookbooks will be available soon for you.

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