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Astone Fitness Exercise Ball – Fitness Ball and Pump | Yoga Ball | Workout Ball

All Astone Fitness Anti-Burst exercise balls use only the highest quality materials to ensure a safe and long lasting product and include an sample exercise manual and inflating foot pump. The Anti-Burst exercise balls can safely handle a maximum of 600 pounds.

An exercise ball is a great addition to a strength training routine at the gym and at home as it directly targets the core muscles, helps improve balance and posture and can be used to assist many exercises. Personal trainers and physical therapists have been using exercise balls for many years to provide a safe and effective way to stretch, tone, and strengthen the full body. An exercise ball can also be used in conjunction with dumbbells and Ripcords exercise bands.

In addition to strength training and stretching, exercise balls can be used as a chair as they are an excellent tool for improving posture in the spine and lower back muscles.

Stretch, tone, and strengthen your core muscles using the Astone Anti-Burst Exercise Ball. It also a great fitness tool to improve your balance for sports and daily activities. If you want to improve your posture and reduce low back pain, the sample exercises in the instruction manual will be of great benefit.

Increase stability and flexibility
Ideal for Core strength training
Comes with easy to use pump
Helps strengthen back muscles
Perfect for yoga classes or home gyms

Price: $19.99
(as of Jul 08,2020 11:43:43 UTC – Details)

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