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Old School Labs 28-oz BlenderBottle – Premium Shaker for Protein and Nutrition Powders with Loop Top – Avoid Lumps and Leaks – BPA and Phthalate Free – Red Color

Product Description

Everything Else Is Just a Shaker Cup

The OSL BlenderBottle 28oz Shaker has the same industry-leading leak-proof seal, iconic design, and steel wire whisk you’ve come to love from BlenderBottle. But wait, there’s more!

Luxuriously comfortable to drink from and prevents embarrassing “protein mustaches” Patent-pending carrying loop with ergonomic flip cap and spout StayOpen flip cap won’t close on your nose and GripperBars make it easy to hold Embossed ounce (oz) and milliliter (ml) markings Fits in most car cup holders Free of BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals that are hard to pronounce


Pro Tips Buy one or more OSL BlenderBottle shakers: Shaker bottles need companions too. The upside for you is that it makes living a healthy lifestyle even easier. For instance, OSL customers often buy two or more bottles so they always have a clean bottle ready. Try this iced-coffee protein shake: Such taste. Much wow. Mix 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup brewed coffee, 1 scoop Vintage Brawn protein powder, and some ice cubes. Enjoy!

OSL BlenderBottle Shaker

2017 Mr. Olympia Classic Physiques’s bottle of choice!

Fight Zombies, Not Muscle

To build muscle, you’ve got to constantly chug protein. But why stop at protein? It can also shake pre-workouts, MRPs, pancake mixes, clandestine cocktails (nobody will know), and so much more.

Worry Free

Besides leaks, few things in life are more disturbing than when lumps form in your protein shake or (gasp) the powder settles to the bottom. This bottle solves that first-world problem for good with a patented wire whisk made of corrosion-resistant surgical steel. It cuts through even clumpy plant-based protein powders like a knife through warm butter. The invention of the light bulb seems amateurish by comparison.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Breon Ansley

Mr. Olympia Classic Physique.

‘I really like Old School Labs’ products and their strong belief in classic training principles. It is great to be associated with a brand that I respect and that people really love for spreading the word about balance and aesthetics in our sport.’

Rebecca Stowe

Physiotherapy Coach.

‘I prayed for an opportunity to be able to do what I love, while reaching as many people as possible. I was thrilled to find Old School Labs products, which I know I can recommend to my clients without having to worry about side effects. I genuinely believe in this company and I enjoy working with them.’

Ric Drasin

Golden Era Legend.

‘For most of my life, I’ve been both a practitioner and an advocate of bodybuilding, physical fitness and healthy nutrition. So I’m really happy to join forces with Old School Labs to help spread the message of a balanced lifestyle and natural supplements that work better than any others I’ve tried.’

John Hansen

Mr. Natural Olympia.

‘I’ve been promoting natural bodybuilding through articles, seminars, competitive events, books and videos for almost 20 years.And working with Old School Labs is a natural continuation of my work. I’m very proud to represent their products and unique brand values.’

This BlenderBottle shaker revolutionized the industry in 2004 with its iconic design, leak-proof seal, and BlenderBall wire whisk. It’s still the best-selling shaker on the market today because it works.
Clip it, loop it, hang it: Integrated with the StayOpen flip cap, the adjustable carry loop lets you hold more when your hands are full and offers a convenient place to attach keys while at the gym.
Tired of lumpy protein shakes? The BlenderBall wire whisk—found only in BlenderBottle brand shakers— delivers smooth protein and nutrition shakes every time.
Leak-proof guarantee. Toss the bottle in your gym bag and don’t worry when it tips. With a snug twist of the screw-on lid and the assuring snap of the flip cap, you’re ready to roll.
Materials worry free: Made from only the highest-quality materials, BlenderBottle brand shaker cups are—and always have been—BPA and phthalate free.

Price: $12.99
(as of Jun 10,2020 05:19:58 UTC – Details)

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