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Laus Ab Carver Wheel Roller – with Knee Pad Mat, Automatic Rebound and Multiple Angles Core Workouts

The Ab Carver Wheel Roller is an ab roller with built in resistance to help maximize muscle growth and definition in abdominals and arms. A kinetic engine, comprised of a durable carbon steel spring, offers resistance on the roll out and assistance on the roll back to amplify ab and arm workouts. This ab roller features an ultra wide wheel tread that increases stability when carving left or right to work obliques. Ergonomic hand grips are angled to help activate arm and core muscles; handles are removable for easy storage and transport. ■ How to use your new Ab wheel roller?  To assemble your Ab wheel, please follow the instructions below.  Step1: To insert the left handle into the base, match the “L”handle with the hole in the base labeled, be sure to line up  the pop pin on the handle to the hole in the base.  Step2: Press in the pop pin and insert the handle. Make sure the pop pin is locked in place. The pop pin should pop out through the hole on the base.  Repeat with other handle.  Step3: Note the pop pin on the handle.  Step4: Turn your Ab wheel over and you are ready for your workout. It is important you roll the unit forward only once  your hands are placed properly on the left and right handles, otherwise you will damage the unit. 

Ab carver roller wheel uses a spiral alloy spring steel with High & Even elasticity, self-rebound and smart brake.It provides smooth resistance when rolling forward, and provides rebounding power backwards. It is easier and less laborious than ordinary abdominal wheels. Even beginners who are not strong enough can easily use them, especially for women.
The ultra-wide, spherical wheel allows users to carve left or right to engage all sets of abdominals, including oblique muscles. The increased wheel width offers stability and balance.
The Ab wheel is made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel rods for durability, safety and silence.
The Ab wheel comes with a thick foam mat to provide support and comfort to your knees.
These non-slip handles are removable for easy transport and storage.

Price: $27.49
(as of Jun 10,2020 11:14:01 UTC – Details)

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