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Withgear Folding Push Up Bar – Portable and Lightweight Sturdy Duralumin Metal Push Up Bars and Indoor and Outdoor Parallette Bar for Men and Women

Product Description

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Withgear push up bars are portable thanks to their light weight and structural efficiency.

Made of duralumin, it satisfies user need for both weight and durability, increasing you sense of satisfaction while exercising.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is made to allow for a gratifying exercise experience no matter

if you are using it on uneven outdoor ground or flat indoor floors.

Use the bag that comes bundled with the product and conveniently exercise anytime, anywhere.

Withgear Brand story and valuesWithgear Brand story and values

Product is put in the bag

Product is put in the bag

Product weight capacity limit descriptions

Product weight capacity limit descriptions

Product Image for description of lightweight

Product Image for description of lightweight


Compact foldable design allows for easy storage and great portability, enabling you to easily work out outside.


Our pushup bars are made of duralumin,

which has robust durability and enables light weight without the use of plastic.

Can withstand up to a 660 lbs (300kg) load


Ergonomic design helps it achieve its light weight, allowing anybody to bring it with them and workout anywhere, regardless of gender or age.

Withgear Pushup Bar 1.6 lbs (749g)
Withgear Dual Pushup Bars 1 lbs (460g) / Per Piece

Product Side ViewProduct Side View

Portability & Durability together

Foldable design increases portability.
Excellent stability and durability that can withstand up to a 660 lbs load without any issues.

Product Elastic Cord pictureProduct Elastic Cord picture

Workout safely and comfortably

The elastic cord used in this product is only for folding and unfolding and is designed to stay out of the way during your workout.
Also, it is made of several strands of cord that last longer than general elastic cord, assuring safe use.

Withgear Design PictureWithgear Design Picture

Unprecedented finish quality

Incomparably unique and sophisticated design allows it to work as home interior decor and its minimalistic finishing touches speak to its innovation.

Product used in 4 different Places PictureProduct used in 4 different Places Picture

Can be used in all locations

You can create your own fitness club so you can enjoy working out anytime, anywhere.


Bar Length

31 inches

14 inches


9.2 inches

8.2 inches


1.6 lbs

1 lb (per piece)


660 lbs

660 lbs

PERFORM YOUR PUSH-UP TO PERFECTION ANYWHERE INSTANTLY – The Withgear Push Up Bar incorporated minimized size and maximized portability through a practical design and folding system. The special elastic band system allows it to be easily assembled and disassembled. No matter where you are, such as in the yard, on grass, or an indoor space, you can instantly perform the best possible push-up.
KEEPS A WIDE STIMULATION RANGE AND HAS INCREASED DURABILITY DUE TO OPTIMIZED SIZE AND INCREASE HEIGHT – At over 8 inches, the height of the push-up bar provides a deeper stretch for the chest, triceps, and shoulders, as well as powerful stimulation to the abdomen, in the same motion. A Single Push Up Bar can be used to correct posture for simple push-up bar movement and Dual Push Up Bars can be used for stimulation in a variety of positions.
ELEGANTLY DESIGNED AND MADE WITH QUALITY MATERIALS – The Withgear Push Up Bar is manufactured using duralumin, a high-quality aircraft material. Its sleek and well-finished design will add a level of refinement to your exercising experience and Finely textured sponge on the handle provides excellent grip and can maintain stable push-posture. It is the perfect gift for anyone from those who just started exercising to those who love to exercise.
SEE WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY – “These bars are very light and stable and will not tip over. Since they fold up, they are good for travel. Best of all they are higher than other bars and allow to do pushups with full range of motion to produce better results.” – Holmes “I use this push up bar for daily calisthenics. Bar is very sturdy and does not wobble with the full weight of my body. Will even stay sturdy for handstand push ups.” – Anderson
1 YEAR MONEY BACK WARRANTY & RISK FREE PURCHASE – Withgear folding push-up bars are constructed with materials of exceptional quality and durability. If your Withgear push-up bar breaks, you may reach out to us any time, 24 hours a day. We will continue to do our best to make our customers happy.

Price: $37.00
(as of Jun 07,2020 10:50:55 UTC – Details)

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