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Lutein 30mg x 90 Tablets. with 1000mcg Zeaxanthin per Tablet. 3 x The Strength of Regular Lutein Tablets. SKU: LU3

Triple Strength Lutein 30mg x 90 tablets (3 Months Supply)
Triple Strength Lutein 30mg is a premium high strength Lutein and Zeaxanthin supplement.
Triple Strength Lutein contains 30mg of Lutein and 1000mcg of Zeaxanthin per tablet.
Standardised to ensure it contains exactly what the label states, each tablet provides an industry leading amount of the antioxidant cartenoid Lutein. At 30mg it is the strongest available.
Regular Lutein tablets generally contain 10mg of Lutein making Triple Strength Lutein 30mg tablets at least three times as strong.

Maximum strength, maximum potency
Nobody wants to rattle like a pill box, so we made a supplement that contains a huge quantity of highly concentrated Lutein per tablet. At 30mg per tablet it is the most potent possible for maximum results and affect.
1. 30mg of highly concentrated Lutein.
2. Concentrated vegetable extract of 30mg of Lutein and 1000mcg of Zeaxanthin
3. Standardised to contain industry leading amounts of the antioxidant cartenoid.

At Least 3 Times Stronger!
Not all ingredients are made equal, and in creating Triple Strength Lutein we used only the most concentrated and standardised available and packed in as much Lutein as we could per tablet.
Compared to other Lutein supplements, Triple Strength Lutein contains 1.5 to 3 times the active ingredient per tablet, making them far stronger and more effective.

3 Months Supply – 90 tablets
Buy now for HUGE price savings. Triple Strength Lutein is available in an 3 months supply

300% STRONGER than competitors Lutein supplements – 30mg compared with only 10mg
Manufactured exclusively for us, a family business est. 2005 in a cGMP and ISO accredited facility. Quality assured and guaranteed.

Price: $28.99
(as of Jun 03,2020 10:01:07 UTC – Details)

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