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sport2people Exercise Resistance Loop Bands for Booty Building with 2 Workout E-Books for Strength Training and Physical Therapy – Fitness Loops for Hips and Leg

Product Description

Sport2people resistance loop circle bands 5 levels set for legs, arms and bootySport2people resistance loop circle bands 5 levels set for legs, arms and booty


Sport2People Resistance Bands are High-Quality Loop Bands made of 100% Natural Latex (not recommended for people with latex allergies nor kids). They are 42% stronger than most resistance bands on the market and passed all laboratory tests.

We Strongly Believe in High Quality of Our Bands and the potential results they will give you when used regularly.

Now You Can Finally and Easily Reach Your Fitness Goals.

Our Bands are made thicker hence stronger than any other resistance bands on the market. Suitable for Women and Men of all height. The workout bands are an inexpensive alternative to weight-lifting.

Take Your Home Fitness to the Next Level! Strengthen and shape your whole body with Sport2People fitness bands. They are perfect for Legs & Glutes Workout as well as Arms and Shoulders. Use them around your ankles, thighs, or arms.

You’ll be able to work on your hips, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings on another level. Squats, leg extension, leg curl, glute bridge, clamshell, lateral band walk, triceps exercises, and other exercises are far more intensive when you use resistance workout bands.

Don’t forget to check out our Workout Ebooks for more exercises you can do. We carefully created workout ebooks with a lot of different exercises to use these bands with. We chose the best exercises to prevent the bands from roll up and discomfort.

Sport2People Loop Bands Produce with the Following Resistance Levels:

5 set or 4 set exercise resistance loop bands 12 or 10 inch long5 set or 4 set exercise resistance loop bands 12 or 10 inch long

Amazing results in just 15 min a day

Sport2People Elastic Bands are made to last – one study found that after this initial pre-stretching there was no significant difference in pull force after over 5000 repetitions. The bands can stretch up to 3-4 times their length, the resting length will be permanently set.


If the bands become sticky or sweaty, simply clean them with a damp cloth. Dry flat and dust them with talcum powder. Do not store them in UV light or extreme temperatures.

“My bands started to roll up. What should I do?” – This will happen. Literally EVERY single band on the market will roll up eventually (due to the material they are made of). If the seller says otherwise he is misleading you.

So if you notice they started to roll up, don’t worry. Just rub a small amount of baby powder or cornstarch to prevent the bands from rolling up during exercises. This will also prevent stickiness.

Fantastic Set of Bands for Everyone

perform better resistance bands for arms and shoulders

perform better resistance bands for arms and shoulders

perfect peach bands fitness athletics

perfect peach bands fitness athletics

80 day obsession bands and sliders abdominal abs exercise equipment

80 day obsession bands and sliders abdominal abs exercise equipment

peach bands booty bands for fitness

peach bands booty bands for fitness


Our Bands are lightweight and take up very little space. Being easily stored is making them perfect for home use or when you’re tight on space at the gym. Odorless.

Perfect for keeping up with your program on your vacation – no gym needed (not all the hotels have gyms, not to mention Airbnb that is super popular). Use them on your outdoor training so there’s no chance you miss your workout.


Use them for toning thighs, booty, sexy-shaped arms and shoulders. Perfect for working on bigger and rounder booty and slimmer thighs – check our e-book for exclusive exercises.

Suitable also for 80 Day Obsession, Cross-fit, Yoga, stretching and many more. Also perfect for use on chair legs and rehab therapy.


If you want to tone and shape your core and upper body as well we recommend you choose the set of core sliders & resistance bands. The set is a perfect addition to your home and gym workouts.

2 double-sided discs allow you to workout on every surface: fabric side can be used for hard and laminate surfaces, whereas the smooth for carpets, rugs, cloth surfaces and rubber gym floor matting.


Stand out from the crowd and workout in style. Now you can get your new bands in hot pink edition and enjoy your booty workouts even more. Our pink resistance bands for legs and butt are 42% stronger than other bands on the market. They will set your glutes on fire! Completely safe as we laboratory tested them.

Are You Ready to Get in Shape?

Fitness home gym band set workout equipment therabandFitness home gym band set workout equipment theraband


Each resistance loop bands pack contains ALL 4 or 5 resistance bands and a small mesh bag. Thicker Bands Will Provide a Great Resistance, Whereas Thinner will give you lighter resistance. If You Need some extra resistance simply combine multiple bands.

Our Resistance Bands LOVE hard work. So go ahead and try them out.

Start working on your best body today and admire the results. For additional motivation, we included 2 e-books to your order. You’ll find thorough instructions on how to perform killer lower body workouts & rehab exercises such as IT band injury.

You will receive your E-Books with every order automatically via email so make sure you enable buyer/seller messages in your Amazon settings.

Go One Step Further and Get Whole Set of Core Sliders and Resistance Bands!

abs exercise equipment abs workout core exercise equipmentabs exercise equipment abs workout core exercise equipment

Whole Body Workout Program in one Set!

By purchasing this set of 2 gliding discs and 5 resistance bands you will not only receive upper and lower body workout but also a highly-effective 4-week training e-program, that focuses on the whole body. You can easily follow it anywhere you are. Our program also includes measurement calendar and diet tips. Recommended for successful weight loss.


Simply place them under your feet or hands (depends on the exercises – for more see our e-book) and start sliding. Our core gliders stay perfect under your feet or hands. They are 2-sided, so you can use them on carpets, cloth surfaces and also on the hard laminated floor.

Check out other Sport2People products for strengthening and shaping your body and mind!


Home Workout Equipment

Home Workout Equipment

Home Workout Equipment


Stretching Equipment

Running Accessory

Color option


2 color variations

6 color variations

5 color variations

4 color variations

10 color variations

Main Feature

2 sided discs + bands

3 levels of resistance in one set

3 levels of resistance

Super absorbant

12 non elastic loops

2 elastic pockets

Target Audience

Adults, athletes

Adults, athletes

Adults, athletes

Adults, Kids


Runners, Athletes


Strength training

Strength training

Strength training


Stretching, flexibility

Running, walking, gym

🔥BECOME FIT, STRENGTHEN AND SHAPE YOUR BODY! Sport2People mini resistance bands for exercise are perfect for your everyday workout at your home, gym or on your trip. Our stretch bands have been designed for explosive endurance strength training and make a great addition to any home or gym routine you already perform. 42% STRONGER! Sport2people loop bands are made of heavy, reliable latex, without rubber smell and are LABORATORY TESTED!
👉GREAT PHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENT FOR REHABILITATION AFTER INJURIES OR TREATMENTS. Our exercise bands come in 5 different resistances and colors, so you can meet the needs of your workouts, no matter what level you’re at. Resistance levels are printed on the front of each, for easy recognition. COMPLETE RESISTANCE BAND SET TO GET YOU STRONGER AND FIT! Perfect for men, women, and children! With a length of 12″ and width of 2″ are easy to grip and to use.
👌 TAKE YOUR FITNESS GOALS TO NEW HEIGHTS with Sport2People workout bands and get a 2 FREE E-BOOKS with many detailed exercises! You`ll find different workout routines to use these bands for, many of which you never thought of doing. You can use these elastic bands to warm you up, strengthen your muscles, (re)shape your body or to recover after injuries. WE GUARANTEE YOU`LL ENJOY 100% OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
💪 LOOKING FOR A PERFECT TRAVEL WORKOUT GEAR OR MINI GYM IN A SMALL BAG? Keep it at any place, take it wherever you go or use them when you have a free moment – at job, vacations, on traveling. Fitness bands for exercise come in a handy small mesh bag. You can put it in your purse, suitcase or backpack and you are always ready for a workout. IMPROVE YOUR SQUATS AND GENERAL MOBILITY AND NEVER SKIP YOUR DAILY WORKOUTS!
🎁 DON’T MISS OUT: Your FREE E-Books are Automatically Sent Out Via Email, Please Enable Buyer/Seller Messages In Your Amazon Settings To Receive E-Guide On How To Get The Best Ever In 4 Weeks. NOW YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR SPORTS AND EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES WITH BOOTY BAND OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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