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FOMI 7 Ring Stretch and Resistance Exercise Band | Back, Foot, Leg, and Hand Stretcher, Arm Exerciser | Portable | for Home or Fitness Center Workout, Physical Therapy

Product Description


Have you ever tried to work out at home, work, in the car and found your workout just is not as good as the gym?

The FoMI 7 Ring Resistance band is for you. Wherever you are you can get your workout!

Grab one of the seven rings and change it up to change your resistance. The closer your hand are the stronger the resistance.

Want to work out when you watch TV, watch your kids nap, in the bus, plane or subway?

Don’t go anywhere without your FoMI Seven Ring!


Your body is extremly complex. Working out before and after working out is essential to stay healthy, maintain muscle gains, and prevent muscle tearing and pain.

The FoMI Resistance Band is your perfect before and after workout partner. Each band comes with 7 rings to change resistance levels and the blue and green bands have different strength and resistance levels.

Use both green and blue bands for an ultimate buildup to your workout.

The Best Holiday Gift

You have a choice when giving a gift what you want to give to others. Imagine what a gift of well being and physical health can do for a loved one.

Buy a set of strong and moderate resistance FoMI bands and let your gift keep on giving.

Your loved one’s muscles, joints, back will thank you for years to come!

FOMI is not only a brand, it is a belief that the healing process starts internaly and projects outward.

FoMO (Fear of missing out) is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent” This social angst is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing while focusing outward.

FoMI (Fear of Missing In) is a movement to take a step back, to re-prioritize, improve posture, reduce back pain and align the body mind and spirit to reduce stress, improve productivity and utilize a holistic view of inner well-being. Our products promote natural independent healing, pain reduction and long term health. Rather than search for an external cure such as pills or unproven treatment find a healing method which works!

OUR MISSION: FOMI’s mission is to never take NO for an answer. If you are in pain you do not have to live in pain any longer, or accept a life “that hurts.”

FULL BODY EXERCISE BAND: Stretches, tones, and conditions your entire body. Infinite workouts! Targets your arms, hands, shoulders, neck, stomach, legs, feet, and joints. Portable and easy to use. Simply bring it with you anywhere!
7 RESISTANCE HANDLES: There are 7 resistance levels making it ideal for use of any body part for all body types. Simply change grip handles to change resistance levels. Add resistance to your personal training, sports conditioning, MMA or CrossFit workouts.
FULL BODY STRETCHING: Stretching increases flexibility and strength, elongates muscles, improves motion, and aids in injury recovery. Great for warming up for sports or exercises and for improving your sports, exercise and yoga skills.
TOP QUALITY: Gym quality and professional grade. Made out of virtually indestructible rubber, it is designed to withstand rigorous workout conditions.
3 RESISTANCE BANDS: Green has Light Resistance- feels like 10-12 lbs. Blue has Medium Resistance- feels like 12-14 lbs. Black has Strong Resistance- feels like 15-18 lbs.

Price: $14.49
(as of May 25,2020 04:01:37 UTC – Details)

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